AZ’s Most Unique Real Estate Team

Come for the technology, tools, and training. Stay for the people.

Grow Your Own Brand

We are focused on growing your brand, your colors, and your business the way you want it.

Connect With A Community

Join a group of individuals who aren’t just in it for themselves but are dedicated to helping each other flourish.

Plug Into The Best Tech & Tools

Plug into the best technology and tools so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Follow Proven Systems

Leverage a system so that you aren’t wasting time reinventing the wheel.

Marketing & Branding

Maximize your brand with “done for you” marketing.

We let you promote YOUR brand and don’t force you to use our Team name. We take marketing and lead gen best practices and we DO IT FOR YOU!

Social Media Shareables – We create images using your brand around weekly market stats and your new transactions so that you always have something to post.

Google My Business Management – We optimize and regularly post to your Google My Business profile so you have a presence on the world’s biggest search engine.

Retargeting Campaigns Launched – We set up and launch retargeting ads utilizing Facebook and Instagram so that your closest friends and family are constantly reminded you’re in the business.

Community & Collaboration

Stop going at this alone.

Real estate can be a lonely career. Having a Team that you can lean on means having a support system you can learn from, grow with, and bounce ideas off of. As a Team, we connect in a variety of ways.

Slack – Our entire Team is connected through this 24/7 chat system. We are consistently chatting about the local market, how to best utilize our CRM, and what fun things we have going on over the weekend.

Weekly Team Huddle Ups – As a Team, we connect every week over Zom talk about changes in the market, and deliver updates about the Team.

Business Building Training – Every week we have a business building training either online (or in-person). With these sessions, we talk about everything from social media to growing your sphere of influence.

And More

The things we didn’t talk about.

Hours of recorded training.

We record all of our Team meetings and Business Building sessions. When joining the Team, you get access to our training archive so you can hit the ground running.

Access to the best technology

Our team utilizes the best technology. From Chime CRM to manage our leads, to Slack to stay connected with the Team, to Slab to deliver all of our training.

Low splits

We call ourselves AZ’s most unique real estate team but we deliver more for less. Our Team splits are extremely reasonable and lower than almost every other team out there.

5/5 (1 Review)

Thinking About Joining The Team?

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Arizona's most unique real estate team. Come for the leads, technology, and training. Stay for the people.


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