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20+ Buyer Leads Per Month

  • State of The Art CRM To Help With Follow-Up
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  • Know What Your Leads Are Previewing
  • & MORE

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  • Use Any Regus Office In Phoenix
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  • Stock Ownership Incentives
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Our COR Values

Compassion – Temporarily suspend judgment so that you can appreciate others’ perspectives or situations when they are different from your own.

Community – Engage with and provide value to those around you (work & home). 

Righteousness – Do the right thing always and with no exception. 

Leadership – “You don’t need a title to be a leader.”

Contribution – Seek to provide value in every interaction and every situation.

Authenticity – Be genuine. 

Learning – Strive to take in new information and to get 1% better every single day. 

Wisdom – Pull from not only your base of knowledge but from a place of experience and good judgment.